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Insufficient sleep increases crash risk

Data gathered by the U.S. Department of Transportation and other organizations indicates that one out of every three adult drivers sleeps less than seven hours a night. Researchers examining data from earlier studies by USDOT determined that the odds of causing a crash increased as the number of hours slept decreased. In the 5,470 crashes studied, drivers who reported sleeping six hours per night were 1.3 times likelier to cause a crash.

The odds of causing a crash were 1.9 times greater for those who said they slept five hours per night and 2.9 times greater for drivers who reported sleeping four hours per night. Drivers who said they slept less than four hours per night had a risk of causing a car accident that was 15.1 times greater than those who slept between seven and nine hours per night.

Trucking industry responds to fatigue, distraction concerns

Some truck drivers in Illinois struggle with fatigue and distraction when behind the wheel. The National Safety Council reports that fatigue is a factor in more than one-quarter of single commercial vehicle accidents and 13 percent of fatal truck accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that driver fatigue might cause up to 100,000 accidents each year involving all vehicles. According to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis, over 15 percent of injury crashes and 10 percent of fatal crashes happen because of distraction.

Commercial truck drivers, who may drive for long, monotonous hours, may be particularly vulnerable to fatigue and distraction, and fleets are starting to respond. One company uses hours-of-service data and other information to try to predict whether a driver is likely to suffer from fatigue. Technology is playing a role as well with companies developing instruments that monitor signs such as a driver's eyelids drooping. The driver can be alerted with an alarm or a vibration. An app called SafeRide blocks phone usage. There are a number of other systems that can monitor driver behavior.

Hit by a car while riding your bike? 4 steps you need to take

Cars hit hundreds of people on bikes each day. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that cars kill over 800 cyclists each year in the United States, and an additional 45,000 cyclists sustain injuries.

As people are trying to become more sustainable, bike travel is becoming increasingly more common. It is important to know the appropriate steps to take when a motor vehicle hits you while riding.

Are dockless e-scooters a desirable 'last-mile' solution?

The problem in the eyes of some observers is that this mode of mobility has grown too fast. In many cities, the scooters showed up unannounced and without safety rules. The appearances have proven unsafe, as evidenced by two adult fatalities reported last month. In both cities where the deaths occurred, individuals over 18 can ride scooters without helmets, and that makes for dire consequences.

Planning for a merger or acquisition

For many companies in Illinois, acquisitions and mergers can be an important way to increase their value and profit-making potential. To maximize the benefits that can accrue from an acquisition, it is important to deal with a number of challenges that can arise. Bringing together two different businesses can require significant organizational changes to optimize efficiency and create a single working framework. However, by understanding the process more clearly, companies can make better decisions when deciding to come together.

Mergers and acquisitions begin with due diligence, where a company analyzes the other business to see whether it is a positive investment. This process also includes evaluating its technology, finances and intellectual property to determine a real value for the other company. Next, both sides must agree on the terms under which the acquisition will be carried out. In addition to the financial offer on the table, this agreement can include personnel decisions, organizational changes and inventory assessments. It can also create the framework for communicating with customers and others outside the companies about the benefits of the merger.

How pharmacists and patients can work together to prevent errors

Pharmacists routinely help patients in Illinois receive the medications they need while also giving them general advice on various health matters. While these trained professionals often take precautions to avoid oversights, one study estimates that 21 percent of medication errors that affect patients might be related to issues with dispensing. However, a proactive approach with how prescriptions are managed on the part of both pharmacists and patients could minimize medication errors.

For their part, pharmacists and pharmacies throughout the country often take several steps to reduce medical malpractice liabilities and patient risks by using special software and manually verifying prescriptions before they are given to or sent to patients. Additionally, medications with similar names and/or appearances are typically kept on different shelves to avoid confusion. Also, dispensed medications are checked against their corresponding images in a pharmacy database.

Communication problems within care teams

When getting medical treatment at a hospital, you might receive care from many different doctors and nurses. It is not uncommon to be seen by dozens of medical professionals during a hospital stay. With such large care teams, good communication among the different members of the team is very important.

Unfortunately, communication difficulties can arise within such teams. For example, the doctors and nurses on the team might have trouble communicating with each other in a productive and effective manner. Such communication difficulties between doctors and nurses can have a variety of sources, including:

4 signs of elder abuse and neglect

Everyone deserves safety, respect and a comfortable living environment. You want nothing less for your aging family members. Healthcare professionals and caregivers typically have a drive to provide those necessities and more. However, sometimes there are people out there who pose a risk to the elderly. While this is disheartening, families should be observant.

Ensure you're protected under illinois workers' compensation

Any time someone is injured and undergoes medical treatment, there is that immediate fear of, "Oh no! Now I'm going to be hit with more medical bills." If you do have health insurance, you still have copays to cover, and you still may receive bills not covered by your provider. If you don't have health insurance, you're about to be responsible for potentially thousands of dollars of bills. You also may have saved up a lot of money and now fear that your savings will go to paying medical bills, especially if you have a severe injury.

You've been served with papers - "What should I do next?"

You've been served.

Television shows and movies use this phrase all the time. Service, however, ceases to be entertaining when it happens to you in real life. This is especially true if the action against you is unexpected. Once the shock of being served passes, many questions will inevitably race through your mind:

-Why was I served?

-What are these papers and what do they mean?

-What should I do next?

-What can an attorney do for me?

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